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Q&A: What’s the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact Myra and Christine is by phone (519-649-6000), through our office (Remax Advantage Realty Inc) or by sending us email.

We are easy to talk to !

Myra and Christine are full partners in real estate, and work together to help you.  One of us is always on duty, so by calling the main number (519-649-6000) you are assured of communicating with us.

Q&A: Where is your office located?

The Remax Advantage office is located in the plaza at the corner of Pine Valley Blvd and Southdale Road. The parking lot entrance is off of Pine Valley Blvd. Our office faces Southdale, and we’re right across the street (North) from the Home Depot store. Our address is 151 Pine Valley Blvd, London, ON N6K… Continue Reading