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Selling? What you really want to know…

1) Can we sell?


We are repeat recipients of 3 Prestigious Re/Max Awards:

The Re/Max 100% Club, the Re/Max Platinum Award, and the Re/Max Hall of Fame.

We are experienced and full-time: Christine has been licensed since 1986 and Myra since 1994.

We’re a Proven Team: Christine and Myra have been a successful real estate team for 18 years!

2) Will we do what we say we will do?

85% of our business is from past clients and referrals. Integrity is a vital part of how  we  work.  A Marketing Plan is provided in writing – We know you want to know!

3) Will you enjoy the process of working with us?

We enjoy what we do and making your real estate experience a positive one is something we work hard at.  We are happy to provide references.

4) What do we think your home is worth?

Know that we are on your side.  We will arrive at the asking price together, using experience, data, and also incorporating the intangibles.

5) What is the commission?

The services of two agents with 45+ years in combined experience will cost you no more than an agent that has been recently licensed.  In fact, after the negotiation stage, we can cost you much less! There are 3 ways in which we can save you money and we will go over that with you in detail when we meet.

6) Why Christine and Myra?

(That is… What difference does it make to hire Christine and Myra over another realtor?)

Here are just a few reasons to go with us:

Our Earned Reputation in the Industry will benefit youOther realtors trust our listings!
Realtors know that our listings are presented well and honestly. They know us to be organized, easy to communicate with, knowledgeable and co-operative. This helps your home get onto the buyer’s agent showing list!

We know what and how much to say –  We focus on having all the details about the house while maintaining sellers privacy and anticipating buyer’s future concerns on an inspection to avoid renegotiating. This protects you and puts you in the most advantageous position.

We love to negotiate and we do it a lotand are very happy to do it on your behalf! All of the terms of the contract are important – We take no shortcuts in getting the best possible outcome for you.

We do not “budget advertise” ! And we focus on what works.

We are on Duty –  Christine and Myra are a team for 18 years for a reason. You will never be serviced by an agent doing us a favour. Someone who cares, who is committed and who knows your home will always be on duty.

Our staging works –unique and effective staging at no extra cost.

We are Computer Savvy – and love to learn.

• Photos of your home will be excellent

Brainstorming is a regular thing with us –  two brains are better then one.
This allows us to be innovative, excited, encouraged about what we do!

We are Proactive – We use our strong and experienced problem solving skills in all areas.

We have systems that encourage multiple offers on your home and these will be immediately put in place for your home.

Buyers want a knowledgeable Realtor to show them your home Buyers trust us.
From past experience we are able to offer buyers practical ideas, cost estimates and discounts on future improvements or renovations. Our positive, balanced and knowledgeable approach will always reflect well on your home.

Attention to Details is important to us – be assured that there’s lots of details to pay attention to!


We look forward to speaking with you about selling your home. We’re happy to help!

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Your privacy and email are safe with us.